LM78L12 Pinout, Equivalent, Uses, Specs, Features and Other Info

LM78L12 is a small 12V fixed voltage regulator IC. Today we are going to discuss about LM78L12 pinout, equivalent, uses, specs, features and other info about how and where to use this IC.


LM78L12 Pinout, Equivalent, Uses, Specs, Features and Other Info



LM78L12 IC Features / Technical Specifications

  • Available in different small packages
  • Low Cost
  • Small size
  • Capable to deliver max output current of 100mA
  • Short circuit protection feature
  • Over heat protection feature
  • Can be used in commercial applications
  • Provides accurate and stable 12V output
  • Low standby current only 3mA to 5mA
  • Max input voltage is 35V DC


LM78L12 Description

LM78L12 is a positive voltage regulator IC of LM78Lxx series. This series contains many other fixed voltage regulator ICs, like LM78L05, LM78L06, LM78L08, LM78L09, LM78L15. All the ICs in this series are built to provide a fixed output voltage with 100mA current. The output voltage of each IC can be checked by looking at the last two number of the IC.

LM78L12 is built to provide 12V output. This IC can be used as a substitute for LM7812 in your applications where your current requirements are under 100mA. In other words we can also say it a low current alternative of LM7812 because almost all the features of the IC is same as LM7812 except the output current. The IC is available in different packages, like, TO-92, SO-8 and other small packages.

To get the fixed and stable output of 12V the input must not be lower then 14V DC and the input current should be above 100mA to get accurate 100mA at the output.




DC to DC Converters

Voltage step down circuits

Power supply Applications

Battery Charger circuits

Microcontroller Applications

Many Industrial Applications


Replacement and Equivalent / Other Part Numbers

L4931-12, NTE950


LM78L12 12V DC Power Supply Circuit

The schematic below shows a 12V 100mA power supply circuit using LM78L12 IC, The minimum input voltage is 14V and the maximum is 35V DC.

LM78l12 12v Power Supply Circuit



How to Safely Long Run in a Circuit

It is always better to use the electronic components atleast 20% below from its maximum ratings whether they are ICs, transistors, diodes or other electronic components. Using below the maximum ratings makes a component performance stable and long term in your circuits. The same goes with the LM78L12 IC the maximum load the IC can handle is 100mA therefore do not provide load of more than 80mA, The maximum input voltage is 35V DC, for safety do not provide more than 28V to 30V DC. When the IC is in use the temperature around it should not be less than 0 degree centigrade and above +125 centigrade and the storage temperature should be between -65 centigrade to +150 centigrade.



To Download the datasheet just copy and paste the below link in your browser.


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