LM78L08 Pinout, Equivalent, Features, Applications and Other Details

In this article we are going to discuss about LM78L08 pinout, equivalent, features, applications and other details about this TO-92 package voltage regulator IC.


LM78L08 Pinout, Equivalent, Features, Applications and Other Details



LM78L09 IC Features / Technical Specifications

  • Available in TO-92 and other small packages
  • Max output current is 100mA
  • Built-in short circuit protection feature
  • Built-in thermal shutdown feature
  • Cost effective and small size
  • Reliable for commercial use
  • Stable and accurate 8V ouput
  • Low standby current only 3mA to 5mA
  • Max input voltage is 35V DC


LM78L08 Description

LM78L08 is a fixed output positive voltage regulator IC which provides stable and accurate 8V at the output, we can also say it smaller version of LM7808 voltage regulator IC, LM7808 can deliver output current of up to 1000mA. But if you have a lower current requirements under 100mA than you can use LM78L08 in replacement to LM7808 anywhere.

LM78L08 is an IC of LM78Lxx series which contains many other fixed voltage regulator ICs such as 5V, 6.2V, 8.2V, 9V etc., the output voltage of each IC can be checked by looking at its last two digits of its part number. The max output current these ICs can deliver is upto 100mA and are manufactured in TO-92 and other small packages.

LM78L08 has many built in features such as thermal shutdown, safe area protection, short circuit protection etc. Thanks to its low standby current and small size which makes it ideal to use in portable and battery operated devices. With these features this IC is also low cost and reliable to use in commercial appliances.

To use this IC in your circuit and design and getting stable performance some important points should be kept in mind that the input voltage of the IC should be atleast 2V to 3V higher then the output, the intput voltage should not be increased above 35V DC and to get 100mA output current the input current must be some milliampere higher for example 150mA to 200mA.




Battery Chargers

Computer applications

Telecommunication applications

DC to DC converter applications

Power supply applications

Microcontroller circuits


Replacement, Equivalent and Other Part Numbers

78L08ACZ, TS78L08CT, MC78L-08ACP if you cant find these substitute ICs for LM78L08 then you can also use LM317LZ adjustable voltage regulator IC and adjust it on 8V output easily by using only two external resistors.


8V 100mA Power Supply Using LM78L09 IC

The figure shows a 8V regulated power supply Using LM78L08 IC. We have also use two external capacitors at input and output filtration.


How to Safely Long Run in a Circuit

For getting stable and long term performance we always suggest to use a component atleast 20% below from its maximum ratings, same applies to LM78L08 IC. The maxumum output current is 100mA therefore do not drive load of more than 80mA. The max input voltage is 35V DC therefore do not provide input voltage of more than 28V. Always use this IC in temperature between 0 degree centigrade to +125 degree centigrade and store in temperature between -65 degree centigrade to +150 degree centigrade.



To Download the datasheet just copy and paste the below link in your browser.


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