About This Site

Components Info provides detailed information about electronic components. The Aim of this website is to help electronics engineering students; electronics design engineers, electronics experimenter’s scientists in their field. Moreover this website is also dedicated for electronic hobbyists and tinkerers.

We discuss each component in more depth due to which the reader gather more information about a component and understand it well which makes it easy for them to select a better and more accurate component according to their electronic design.

At Components Info we cover information about each component like how a component will perform in an electronic circuit, its technical details, pin configurations, its performance, how it can be used in a circuit, in which circuit it will perform good, what are the capabilities of a components, on how much heat it can survive, how it can perform stable for long term, In what circuits and applications it can be used, what other components can be used in the place of a component and many other useful information.

At present we are covering many categories of components like transistors, ICs, microcontrollers, diodes, optocouplers and modules and in these categories we have added information about many widely used components and we are also working on many new components so you will find more and more components information in coming days.