TIP142 Pinout, Equivalent, Features, Uses, Applications and Other Important Info

TIP142 is an NPN darlington transistor, in this article we are going to discuss about TIP142 pinout, equivalent, features, uses, applications and other important info about this transistor.


TIP142 Pinout, Equivalent, Features, Uses, Applications 



Features / Technical Specifications:

  • Package Type: TO-218 Or SOT-93
  • Transistor Type:  NPN Darlington
  • Max Collector Current(IC): 10A
  • Max Collector-Emitter Voltage (VCE): 100V
  • Max Collector-Base Voltage (VCB): 100V
  • Max Emitter-Base Voltage (VEBO): 5V
  • Max Collector Dissipation (Pc): 125 Watt
  • Minimum & Maximum DC Current Gain (hFE): 500 To 1000
  • Max Storage & Operating temperature: -65 to +150 Centigrade


TIP142 Transistor Explained / Description:

TIP142 is an NPN darlington transistor manufactured in TO-218 or SOT-93 package. However the transistor is also manufactured in other different packages which are TO-3P and TO-247. As mentioned above it is a darlington transistor which means it contains two transistors in a single package which are connected in a special way (which can be seen in the diagram in the above image) to increase the gain of the transistor many times.

As shown in the pinout image above the first pin of the transistor is Base, second is Collector and third is Emitter.

The TIP142 is the transistor of the TIP14x series other NPN transistors in this series are TIP140 and TIP141. There is some little voltage and current difference between these three such as Collector–Emitter Sustaining Voltage, Collector cutoff current, collector-emitter voltage etc. but if you are driving a load under 60V then you can use any of them. But if you are driving load of 80V then you can use TIP141 and TIP142 and if the load is of 100V then you can only use TIP142 from the three.   Moreover the PNP transistors in this series are TIP145, TIP146 and TIP147 these are the PNP complimentary types of TIP140, TIP141 and TIP142.

TIP142 and all the transistors whether they are NPN or PNP in this series are designed to use in general purpose applications such as amplification and switching. When use as a switch the maximum load this transistor can drive is up to 10A and the maximum load voltage can be upto 100V. The maximum DC current gain is upto 1000.


Where We Can Use It & How to Use:

As mentioned this transistor can be used wide variety of switching and amplification applications. It can be used for build high power audio amplifier or in the driving stages of audio amplifier. It can also be used as a switch and capable to drive load of upto 10A. With 10A load driving capability it can drive wide variety of loads such as motors, relays, high power transistors etc.


PNP Complementary:

PNP Complementary of TIP142 is TIP147


Replacement and Equivalent:




Audio amplifiers

Motor Drivers

Drive load of up to 10A

And many other general purpose applications


Safe Operating Guidelines / Absolute Maximum Ratings:

Before using this transistor it is important to take a look at its absolute maximum ratings and stay 20% below from these ratings for safe operating and long term performance. The maximum collector current of the transistor is 10A therefore do not drive load of more than 8A. The maximum load voltage is 100V therefore do not drive load of more than 80V. Use a suitable heatsink with the transistor and always store or operate this transistor in temperature above -65°C and below +150 °C.



To download the datasheet just copy and paste the below link in your browser.


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