IRLZ44N MOSFET Pinout, Applications, Features, Equivalents, Specs and Other Useful Info

If you are looking for a reliable MOSFET to use in your electronic designs that works on low voltage such as in 5V circuits and is capable to drive high ampere loads or if you are an electronic student or hobbyist and want a simple solutions to drive high ampere loads directly through your low voltage circuits such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi or other electronic platforms even directly with ICs and Microcontroller then IRLZ44N transistor can be a right choice for you. In this post we are going to discuss IRLZ44N MOSFET pinout, applications, features, equivalents, specs and other useful info about this device.


IRLZ44N MOSFET Pinout, Applications, Features, Equivalents, Specs



Features / Technical Specifications:

  • Package Type: TO-220
  • Transistor Type: N Channel
  • Max Voltage Applied From Drain to Source: 55V
  • Max Gate to Source Voltage Should Be: ±20V
  • Max Continues Drain Current is : 47A
  • Max Pulsed Drain Current is: 160A
  • Max Power Dissipation is: 110W
  • Max Drain to Source Resistance in ON State (RDS on): 0.022Ω
  • Max Storage & Operating temperature Should Be: -55 to +175 Centigrade


Replacement and Equivalent:

IRLZ44, IRLZ44S, IRLZ10,  2SK1911, 2SK1296, 2SK2376, 2SK2385, BUZ12, IRFIZ44G, IRFSZ40, IRFSZ44, RFP45N06LE, RFP50N05L, RFP60N06LE, BUK436-60A, BUK556-60A, BUK556-60H,


IRLZ44N MOSFET Explained / Description:

IRLZ44N is a power MOSFET available in TO-220 package. It is an N channel MOSFET and designed to use in variety of applications and general purpose applications. These general applications can be motor controller, automotive applications, solar applications, power supplies, audio amplifiers etc.

The MOSFET has quite interesting specs the max drain to source voltage is upto 55V, maximum continuous drain current is upto 47A, maximum pulsed drain current is 160A, Maximum RDS(on) or the drain to source resistance in on state is only 0.022 Ohms which is also quite interesting.

IRLZ44N has many features and benefits which are as follow:

The MOSFET has fast switching speed which makes it an ideal transistor to use in applications which required fast switching or switching in nano seconds. It is 100% avalanche tested which means it will perform stable even when its drain to source voltage gets above from its limits. It has low RDS(on) which is only 0.022Ω which ensures less heat generation and also makes it power efficient. The maximum operating and store temperature is upto 175°C which makes perform stably when its temperature is high as compare to other MOSFETS that has max temperature of 150°C. Moreover, it also has dynamic dv/dt rating.


Where and How to Use:

As mentioned this the IRLZ44N MOSFET is designed for wide variety of general uses therefore its depends on the user in which applications he/she what it to use. Normally you can use it in automotive, battery powered, solar and other low voltage circuitry.



Power Supplies

Solar Power Supplies

Solar Charge Controllers

Solar Chargers

Battery Management Systems

Battery Chargers

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

Audio Amplifiers

Motor Controllers

Inverter Circuits

And many more…


Safe Operating Guidelines / Absolute Maximum Ratings:

It is essential to follow the safety guidelines when using this device in your design or circuits.

  1. The transistor should not be used on its absolute maximum and it is suggested to use it at least 20% below from its absolute maximum ratings.
  2. The maximum drain to source voltage is 55V therefore do not drive load of more than 44V.
  3. The maximum continuous drain current is 47A therefore do not drive load of more than 37.6A.
  4. Use a heatsink always with the transistor.
  5. Always store or operate the device at temperatures above -55 ° C and below +175 °C.



To download the datasheet just copy and paste the below link into your browser.

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