LM7818 Pinout, Equivalent, Applications, Features and Other Details

In this post we are going to discuss about LM7818 pinout, equivalent, applications, features and other details about this 3 pin positive voltage regulator IC.


LM7818 Pinout, Equivalent, Applications, Features and Other Details



LM7818 IC Features / Technical Specifications

  • TO-220 Package and other packages
  • Output current 1A to 1.5A
  • Built in Short circuit shutdown function
  • Built in Over heat shutdown function
  • Reliable and long life
  • Low cost and easily available
  • Ideal to use in commercial equipment
  • 18V fixed output
  • Max input voltage is 35V DC
  • Standby current is only 8mA


LM7818 Description

LM7818 is a TO-220 Package positive voltage regulator IC. It is an IC of LM78xx series. This IC is manufactured by many electronic component manufactures therefore it can be easily found. Some manufacturers make it with the output current of 1A and some with 1.5A therefore it should be confirmed before purchase so that you will get it with the required output current.

A heatsink is essential to use with the IC during operation without heatsink the IC will not work properly because the built in overheat shutdown function will continuously make the IC shutdown after few second of connecting the load.

Moreover the built in features like short circuit protection, over heat protection, safe area protection etc. makes it stable and damage proof and also makes it ideal to use in commercial equipment.




Voltage converter applications

Power supplies

Battery charger applications

Battery management systems

Solar related circuits

Microcontroller Circuits & Applications

Computer and telecommunication circuits


Replacement and Equivalent / Other Part Numbers

KA7818, UA7818CKC, LM2940T-10, UA7810CKCS, L78S18CV, BA17818T, TS7818CZ, KA7818ETU. If you cant find the replacement ICs mentioned here then you can also use LM317 and set its output resistors to provide 18V fixed output. Note: Always check pin configuration of the replacement part before placing in the circuit.


LM7818 18V DC Power Supply Circuit

The figure below shows an 18V output regulated power supply using LM7818 IC. The minimum input votlage should be 21V DC with 2A current to get stable 18V 1.5A output.

LM7818 18V DC Power Supply Circuit



How to Safely Long Run in a Circuit

For long life performance to not drive load of more than 1.5A, use a suitable heatsink with the IC, do not provide more than 35V at the input of the IC and for more safety the input voltage can be under 25V to 30V. Always operate the IC in temperature below 0 degree centigrade and above +125 degree centigrade. For storage the temperature should be between -65 degree centigrade to +150 centigrade.



To Download the datasheet just copy and paste the below link in your browser.


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