TDA2822M IC Pinout, Features, Alternatives, Applications and More

Today we are going to discuss about TDA2822M IC pinout, features, alternatives, applications, and other useful information about this stereo amplifier IC.


TDA2822M IC Pinout, Features, Alternatives, Applications



TDA2822M IC Features / Technical Specifications:

  • Low noise and low distortion circuitry
  • Small Size (8 pin dip package)
  • The Current consumption is only 6 to 9mA in standby mode
  • Operated with wide supply voltage from 1.8V to 15V
  • Only few external components required
  • Contains dual low voltage power amplifies (Built for Stereo Amplification)
  • Can also be used in BTL mode
  • Low cost and reliable


TDA2822M Pin Configuration:

Pin#Pin NamePin Description
1Output 1 Output 1 of the IC to drive a speaker
2VccPositive Supply Connection of the IC
3Output 2 Output 2 of the IC to drive a speaker
4Ground (Gnd)Ground / Negative For Both Amplifiers
5Input 2 (+) Inverting Input 2 of the IC
6Input 2 (-)Non Inverting 2 Input of IC
7Input 1 (+)Non Inverting Input 1 of IC
8Input 2 (-) Inverting Input 1 of the IC

TDA2822M Description: 

If you are looking for a better alternative of LM386 that works on low voltage and also on low current and can be used in portable and battery operated designs or circuits then TDA2822M can be a better choice for you. TDA2822M is a 8 pin IC available in 8 pin Minidip and other small packages. The IC can be operated as low as 1.5V DC but obviously, on that voltage you will not get a maximum amplified audio output but it will work if you want to increase the audio a little bit. If you want more audio at the output then you have to increase the operating voltage. There are many features of this which makes it ideal to use in the place of LM386 in your design such as its stereo feature. The IC contains dual low voltage amplifiers due to which you can easily make a stereo amplifier with it. Moreover, it has very low quiescent current and it only drains typically 6mA and maximum of 9mA in the standby mode.

The max output it provides on each channel / each amplifier is 1000mW when used an 8 ohms speaker with the operating voltage of 9V, and with a 4 ohms speaker you will get max 650mW when operating with 6V. Therefore it is better to use a 4 ohms speaker when you want to operate the IC on lower voltages or you require a higher output on lower voltages.

There is often some confusion between the TDA2822 and TDA2822M IC, TDA2822 is a bigger IC that comes in Powerdip package while the TDA2822M comes in 8 pin Minidip package. There is also little technical difference between the two ICs few differences are the small version has the minimum operating voltage of 1.5V while the bigger version’s minimum operating voltage is 3V, also the big version has a little bit more output power than the small version but if your output audio amplification requirement is around 1Watt then the small version is enough for that purpose.




Audio amplifiers for radios

Computer Audio Amplifiers

Toys Audio Amplifiers

Battery Operated Music Players

Any Type of Low Power Audio Amplifier


Replacement, Equivalent, Or Alternative ICs / Part Numbers:

Some alternative ICs you can use in the place of TDA2822M are LM380, NJM2073, and MC34119, these ICs are not accurate replacements of TDA2822M because all these ICs has completely different internal circuits. The purpose of mentioning these ICs here is in case you don’t find TDA2822M then you can also use these ICs for your low voltage and battery operated amplifier requirements.


Application Circuit :

The figure below shows an audio amplifier using the TDA2822M IC. This is a mono audio amplifier circuit but as said above you can also build a stereo amplifier circuit with this IC. This circuit is using few passive components with the IC. The operating voltage is from 3V to 15V DC. The audio input points shown in the circuit will be connected to the audio you want to amplify the input audio can be adjusted with the 10K variable resistor. An 8 Ohms speaker is connected between pin 1 and pin 3 of the IC.

TDA2822M Mono Amplifier Circuit


How to Safely Long Run in a Circuit:

For long life performance do not operate the IC more than 15V, always prevent the IC from short circuits and check the connection twice before applying power to the IC, while soldering do not provide more heat than its capability, make sure to provide power to the IC in right polarity or use a diode between the IC and the power supply. Always store and operate the IC in temperature above -40 degrees centigrade and below +150 degrees centigrade.



To download the datasheet just copy and paste the below link in your browser.

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