MT3608 DC To DC Step Up Boost Converter Module Pinout, Datasheet, Specs

This post describes MT3608 DC to DC step up boost converter module pinout, datasheet, specs & details about the working of components used in this module. As title describes MT3608 is a small voltage booster module that can be used where its requirement to boost voltage as low as 2V DC to 28V DC.


MT3608 DC To DC Step Up Boost Converter Module Pinout, Datasheet, Specs


MT3608 Module Features & Technical Specs:

  • Over heat protection
  • Small size
  • Upto 2 Ampere output current
  • Input voltage can be from 2V DC to 24V DC
  • The module can deliver 93% output accuracy
  • Output voltage is adjustable from 5V DC to 28V DC
  • Soft start function
  • Less quiescent current only 200uA max.
  • Low cost
  • Using MT3608 high efficiency chip


MT3608 Step Up Boost Converter Module Explained / Description:

MT3608 step up booster converter module is a small sized highly efficient and low cost module is built for converting or boosting the voltage as low as 2V to max 28V DC with the maximum output current of 2 ampere. The output voltage can be adjusted with the variable resistor used in the module.

The module is using very less amount of components and the main component of the module is MT3608 IC. MT3608 is a highly efficient voltage booster IC with many built in features like over heat protection, low quiescent current, soft start function, low external components, overheat shutdown etc. Other components used in this module are two ceramic capacitors, one variable resistor, one resistor and one schottky diod and a 22uH inductor which is an important part of all voltage booster circuits.




Solar related circuits

Portable of battery operated devices

Power supplies

Power Banks

Battery chargers


Where TO Use:

MT3608 module can be used in application where voltage requirements are under 28V and current requirements are under 2A. Therefore this module can be used mostly in portable equipments like power banks, portable power supplies etc. Moreover due to its low cost it can also be used in educational projects.


How TO Use:

Using MT3608 module is very simple by looking at the pinout described in the image above you can connect an input voltage from 2V to 24V DC. The input source can be a battery or solar cell or any other source available. After connecting the input voltage take a digital multimeter and select above 28V from the digital multimeter voltage selection panel and connect the digital multimeter from the output voltage points of the module then adjust the variable resistor until the multimeter shows your desired output voltage.



To Download the datasheet just copy and paste the below link in your browser.

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