2N5401 Pinout Configuration, Equivalent, Features, Specs & More

2N5401 is a TO-92 Packaged PNP transistor, today we are going to discuss its pinout configuration, equivalent, features, specs & more.


2N5401 Pinout Configuration, Equivalent, Features, Specs & More


Features / technical specifications:

  • Package Type: TO-92
  • Transistor Type: NPN
  • Max Collector Current(IC): 600mA
  • Max Collector-Emitter Voltage (VCE): 150V
  • Max Collector-Base Voltage (VCB): 160V
  • Max Emitter-Base Voltage (VEBO): 5V
  • Max Collector Dissipation (Pc):  600 miliWatt
  • Max Transition Frequency (fT): 100 – 300 MHz
  • Minimum & Maximum DC Current Gain (hFE): 50 – 240
  • Max Storage & Operating temperature Should Be: -65 to +150 Centigrade


NPN Complementary:

NPN Complementary 2N5551


Replacement and Equivalent:

2SA1319, 2SA1625, KTA1275, 2SA1625, 2SA1207, 2SC2909 (The other transistors mentioned here may have different pin configuration as compare to the 2N5401 therefore it is must to check the pin configuration before replacing in the circuit.)


2N5401 Transistor Explained / Description:

2n5401 is a high voltage PNP general purpose transistor that can be used in verity of general purpose electronic applications that are operating from 150V or any voltage below 150V. These type of transistors are quite useful where the load connecting through the transistor is consuming less current but on the other hand it is working on high voltage, for example AC circuit which are not using any transformer to step down the voltage before the AC to DC converter diode bridge. These types of transistors are also used mostly in telephone circuits and in any electronic circuit where you want to make simple switching application or amplification on high voltage. The other technical specifications are also very fair to use it as a general purpose transistor like collector current is 600mA which is quite enough to control relays, LEDs, and other transistors in a circuit.



Where We Can Use & How to Use BC5401 Transistor:

As descried above this is a high voltage transistor therefore it can be used in any type of high voltage application in which the load is consuming less current. A part from this it can also be used in low voltage applications for example 30V, 40V or 50V and so on. With 600mA collector current it can be used to drive or control big relays, high power transistors, LEDs and other loads which require current under 600mA.



General Purpose amplification In High Voltage & Normal Voltage Circuits

General Purpose Switching In High Voltage & Normal Voltage Circuits With Ability To Switch Load Under 600mA.


How to Get Long Term Performance in a Circuit:

To get long term performance with this transistor the user must operate the transistor under its specs. Do not operate load more than 600mA, do not operate load more than 150V, always use a suitable base resistor with the transistor, avoid accidental wrong connection of legs of the transistor in the electronic circuits and always store of use this transistor in the temperature above -55 centigrade and +150 centigrade.

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