1N5401 Diode Pinout, Features, Uses, Equivalent, Explanation and More

1N5401 is a general purpose rectifier diode available in DO-21 package. Today we are going to discuss 1N5401 diode pinout, features, uses, equivalent, explanation and many other useful information about this component.


1N5401 Diode Pinout, Features, Uses, Equivalent, Explanation 



Features / Technical Specifications

  • Package Type: Available in DO-201
  • Diode Type: Rectifier Diode for General Purpose Applications
  • Max Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage is: 100 Volts
  • Average Rectified Fwd Current: 3000mA Or 3A
  • Non-repetitive Max Fwd Current: 200A
  • Max Reverse Current is: 10uA
  • Max Storage & Operating temperature Should Be: -65 to +175 Centigrade


1N5401 Replacement and Equivalent

FR307, FR607, HER508, V3510, P300M, CR3-100, CR3-120 and G3M.


1N5401 Diode Explained / Description

1N5401 is a very interesting DP-201 package rectifier diode. One of the important feature of this diode is its capability to drive upto 3A load. The other features are less reverse current leak, high reliability to use in commercial circuits, high efficiency, capable of high surge current etc.

1N5401 is a diode of 1N540x series. There are total of nine diodes in this series. Which are 1N5400, 1N5402, 1N5403, 1N5404, 1N5405, 1N5406, 1N5407 and 1N5408. All the ratings of these diodes are same accept the Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage. These didoes have Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage from 50V to 1000V. The low voltages can be easily determined by the diode number. For example the 1N5400 has lowest Repetitive reverse voltage of 50V, 1N5401 has 100V and so on.

Looking at the specs of the transistor “Max repetitive peak reverse voltage is 100V, average rectified FWD Current 3A, max non repetitive forward current is 200A, Maximum reverse current is 100V, Max reverse current is: 10uA.


Where We Can Use It

1n5401 diode has been designed as a rectifier due to which it can be used in inverters, power supplies, converters etc. It can also be used for other purpose such as blocking voltage where they are not required, components safety, switching etc. Additionally it can be used for variety of general purpose applications.




AC to DC converters

Low to high voltage rectification

Power Supplies

Battery Chargers

Step up and step down converters

Blocking voltage and current in any desired direction

Protection Purposes


Safe Operating Guidelines / Absolute Maximum Ratings

To safely run this diode it is recommended to not drive it to its absolute maximum ratings and always stay 20% below. For example the maximum current capability of the diode is 3A there for do not drive load of more than 2.4A, the maximum load voltage is 100V therefore do not drive load of more than 80V and always store of operate at temperatures above -65 to +150°C


1N5401 Datasheet :

To download the datasheet just copy and paste the below link in your browser.


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