LM7824 Pinout, Equivalent, Uses, Specs, Features and Other Details

7824 is a three terminal positive voltage regulator IC, this article describes LM7824 pinout, equivalent, uses, specs, features and other details about this IC.


LM7824 Pinout, Equivalent, Uses, Specs, Features and Other Details



LM7824 IC Features / Technical Specifications:

  • TO-220 Package
  • Up to 1.5 Ampere output current capability
  • Built-in short circuit protection function
  • Built-in overheat protection function
  • Can be reliably used in commercial devices
  • Fixed and accurate 24V DC output
  • Maximum input voltage is 35V To 40V DC
  • Low quiescent current only 8mA
  • Low price


LM7824 Description:

LM7824 is a positive voltage regulator IC manufactured in TO-220 package and also manufactured in other packages by some manufacturers. The IC provides accurate 24V at the output and capable to handle the maximum input voltage of 40V DC. The input voltage should be 2V to 3V higher than the ICs output voltage to get stable 24V output and the maximum input ampere should be 1.6 to 2 ampere to get 1.5A at the output. One of the advantage of these voltage regulator is that regardless the input voltage is fluctuating between the required input by the IC the output voltage will be remain the same and accurate. However the IC provides fixed output of 24V but it can also be modified to provide adjustable output for doing so the user have to use only two external resistors.

The IC dissipate heat during operation because all the voltage different between input and output will be converted in to heat therefore a  heatsink is must to use with the IC or the IC will continuously go in to the overheat shutdown mode.




Voltage step down applications

24V power supplies

Battery Chargers

Motor Drivers

Solar applications

Microcontroller based applications


Replacement and Equivalent / Other Part Numbers:

L78S24CV, MC7824, other than that an LM317 adjustable regulator IC can also be used for fixed 24V.


24V DC Power Supply Using LM7824 IC:

The figure below shows a 24V power supply circuit using LM7824 IC.

24V Power Supply Using LM7824 IC


How to Safely Long Run in a Circuit:

To get long term performance from LM7824 IC it is suggested to not drive load of more than 1.5A through this IC, use a suitable heatsink with the IC and always operate the IC in temperature above 0 degree centigrade and below +125 degree centigrade and storage temperature of the IC should be between -65 degree centigrade to +150 degree centigrade.



To Download the datasheet just copy and paste the below link in your browser.


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