JRC4558 Pinout, Equivalent, Features, Applications And More

JRC4558 is a famous dual opamp IC, in this post we are going to discuss JRC4558 pinout, equivalent, features, applications and also look deep into the other details of this IC.


JRC4558 Pinout, Equivalent, Features, Applications 


JRC4558 IC Features / Technical Specifications

  • Two separate operational amplifiers in a single package.
  • Single and dual power supply operations.
  • Can be operated from +5V to +15V (When operated with a single supply)
  • Can be operated from +15 and -15V (When operated with dual supply)
  • Low current consumption
  • Latch-up Proof
  • Industry standard pin compatibility.
  • All input transistors are low noise types.
  • High signal voltage gain up to 100dB.
  • Reliable to use in commercial equipment & devices.
  • Low cost
  • Suitable for portable / battery operated devices.


JRC4558 IC Pin Configuration

Pin#Pin NamePin Description
1Output AFirst Operational Amplifier Output of IC.
2Inverting Input AInverting Input of IC's First Op-amp
3Non Inverting Input ANon Inverting Input of IC's First Op-amp
4Ground (Gnd)Ground / Negative For Both Op-amps of the IC.
5Inverting Input B Inverting Input of IC's Second Op-amp
6Non Inverting Input BNon Inverting Input of IC's Second Op-amp
7Output B Output of IC's Second Op-amp
8VccPositive Supply for both Op-amps of the IC


JRC4558 Description

JRC4558 is a dual opamp IC available in an 8 pin dip and SOP-8 package. The IC contains two separate op amp inside which can be operated from a single or dual power supply. JRC is a very famous IC among guitar pedal makers and provides very high performance in these types of circuits. Moreover, this IC is also used by electronic students, hobbyists, and tinkerers in their audio projects.

The IC has many features which makes it ideal to use in commercial equipment and devices like low cost and high reliability, high voltage gain, low current consumption, etc. The IC also has a high voltage gain of up to 100dB. The IC has industry standard pin compatibility due to which it can easily be replaced with many substitute dual op amp ICs. The minimum and maximum supply current required by the IC for both operational amplifiers in no load condition is 2.3mA to 4.5mA.




Comparator Circuits

Guitar pedal circuits

Audio amplifier stages

Audio preamplifiers


Replacement and Equivalent / Other Part Numbers

TLE2072, NE5532, TL072, OPA2134, RC4558, RC4580


Application Circuit

The figure shows an application circuit of JRC4558 IC, this is a preamplifier circuit built around this IC. As mentioned above JRC4558 is a dual operational amplifiers IC but in this circuit we have used only one internal opamp. This preamplifier circuit can be used for any type of audio pre-amplification you require such as mic preamp, guitar preamp, or other types of audio preamplification requirements. You can also adjust the value a bit higher or lower of the two 200K resistors connected with the pin3 of the IC and adjust the 300K variable resistor to get your desired results. Moreover, you can also play with the capacitor values to get the results you want.

In this diagram, the circuit is operated with a 9V supply which can be a power supply or a battery.

JRC4558 Preamplifier Circuit


How to Safely Long Run in a Circuit

To get long term good performance with JRC4558 IC it is recommended to always stay under its max ratings. Do not apply more than 15V to the IC, prevent leads from being short-circuited, and always store the IC in temperature above -65 degrees centigrade and below +150 degrees centigrade. The operating temperature should be between -25 degrees centigrade to +85 degrees centigrade.



To download the datasheet just copy and paste the below link in your browser.


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