IRFZ34N Transistor Pinout, Equivalent, Features, Applications

This post describes IRFZ34N transistor pinout, equivalent, features, applications and other details on how and where to use this TO-220 package MOSFET.


IRFZ34N Transistor Pinout, Equivalent, Features, Applications




Features / Technical Specifications

  • Package Type: TO-220
  • Transistor Type: N Channel
  • Max Voltage Applied From Drain to Source: 55V
  • Max Gate to Source Voltage Should Be: ±20V
  • Max Continues Drain Current is : 26A
  • Max Pulsed Drain Current is: 100A
  • Max Power Dissipation is: 56W
  • Drain to Source Resistance in ON State (RDS on): 0.04Ω
  • Max Storage & Operating temperature Should Be: -55 to +175 Centigrade


Replacement and Equivalent

IRFZ34, IRFZ34A, IRFZ34E, IRFZ34N, IRFZ34NL, IRFZ34NS, IRLZ34, IRLZ34N, IRLZ34NL, IRLZ34NS, IRFZ34S, BUK453-60A, BUK455-60B, BUK473-60A, BUK473-60B, BUK475-60B, BUK543-60A, BUK543-60B, BUK545-60A, BUK545-60B, BUK553-60A, BUK554-60H, BUK555-60A, BUK555-60B, BUK574-60H, BUK7570-55, BUK9570-55, BUZ101S, BUZ101SL, BUZ103S, BUZ103SL, BUZ104S, BUZ104SL, BUZ10S2, BUZ71S2, HUF75307P3, HUF75309P3, IRFIZ24E, IRFIZ24G, IRFIZ24E, IRFP153(R), IRFSZ24A, MTAJ25N06EL, MTP25N06V, MTP30N06EL, MTP30N06VL, NDP5060, PHX15N06E, STP21N06LFI, STP25N06, STP25N06FI, STP30N06, STP30N06, STP30NE06L, STP32N06L.


IRFZ34N MOSFET Explained / Description

IRFZ34N is a TO-220 packaged MOSFET and it can be used for many general purpose requirements. The transistor has very low drain to source resistance in ON state which makes this transistor energy efficient. The device also possesses fast switching capabilities which make it ideal to use in applications where fast switching is crucial for example in UPS.

The maximum load this transistor can drive in continuous mode is 26A and max load it can drive in pulse mode is 100A. The max load voltage is this transistor can handle is 55V. The operating and storage temperature is from +55 to +175 centigrade and the maximum soldering temperature limit is upto 300 centigrade for 10 seconds. Other than that this MOSFET can also be used as an amplifier in audio amplification and also in stages of high power audio amplifier.



Where We Can Use it & How to Use

IRFZ34N MOSFET can be used in any general purpose application which falls under it specification. Some of its uses are in switch mode power supplies, uninterruptable power supplies, DC to DC converters etc. Other than that it can also be used for audio amplification purposes. The using procedure of this MOSFET is same as we use any other MOSFET.



Switch Mode Power Supplies

Battery Chargers and BMS

Voltage Converters

Telecommunication Circuits

Solar Chargers and Power Supplies


How to Safely Long Run in a Circuit

To get long life performance with this transistor always use it 20% below from its max ratings, driving any component on its max ratings may damage it or make its life shorter. The max continuous drain current is 26A therefore do not drive load more than 20.8A. The max drain to source voltage is 55V therefore do not drive load of more than 44V. Use a suitable heatsink with the transistor and always store or operate the transistor in temperature above -55 degree centigrade and below +175 degree centigrade.



To Download the datasheet just copy and paste the below link in your browser.

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