2SC2625 Transistor Pinout, Applications, Features, Equivalent And Other Info

2SC2625 is an NPN transistor available is TO-3P and other package. Today we are going to discuss about 2SC2625 transistor pinout, applications, features, equivalent and other info about this device.


2SC2625 Transistor Pinout, Applications, Features, Equivalent



Features / Technical Specifications:

  • Package Type: TO-3P
  • Transistor Type: NPN
  • Max Collector Current(IC): 10A
  • Max Collector-Emitter Voltage (VCE): 400V
  • Max Collector-Base Voltage (VCB): 450V
  • Max Emitter-Base Voltage (VEBO): 7V
  • Max Collector Dissipation (Pc): 80 Watt
  • Minimum & Maximum DC Current Gain (hFE): 10
  • Max Storage & Operating temperature: -55 to +150 Centigrade


2SC2625 Transistor Explained / Description:

2SC2625 or C2625 is an NPN transistor available in TO-3P and TO-247 packages. The pin configuration of the transistor is as follow: The first pin of the transistor is “Base” second pin is “Collector” and the third pin is “Emitter”. The collector pin of the transistor is also connected with the heatsink or the mounting base of the transistor.

It is an NPN power transistor and primarily designed to use in inverters, power amplifiers, ultrasonic and switching applications. According to the manufacturer this device has a high reliability due to which the use can also use it in commercial applications. The transistor possesses high speed capabilities due to which it can also be used in applications where high switching speed is crucial.

The transistor possess good characteristics such as 400V collector to emitter voltage which also makes it ideal to use in high voltage applications, the maximum collector current is 10A, the minimum DC current gain of the transistor is 10 and the maximum collector power dissipation is 80 Watts.

The good spec of this transistor makes it ideal to use for variety of general purpose applications.


Where We Can Use it & How to Use:

2SC2625 can be used in wide variety of applications such as switching and amplification. When used as a switch it can drive load of up to 10A. It can also be used to make high power audio amplifiers. Other than that it can also be used in AC and DC Inverters, Ultrasonic generators etc.


Replacement and Equivalent:

2SC3927, 2SC3910, 2SC2789, 2SC2723, 2SC2625, 2SC2541



High Speed Switching

Inverter applications

Motor Driver Applications

High power audio amplifier

Drive load of up to 10A


Safe Operating Guidelines / Absolute Maximum Ratings:

To safely operate this transistor and getting long term performance do not use this transistor to its absolute maximum ratings and stay atleat 20% below. The maximum collector current of the transistor is 10A therefore do not drive the load of upto 8A. The maximum collector to emitter voltage is 400V so do not drive load of more than 320V. Use a suitable heatsink with the transistor and always store or operate the transistor in temperature above -55°C and below +150 °C.



To download the datasheet just copy and paste the below link in your browser.


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