S8050 VS 2N2222: What’s the Difference ?

Today we are going to discuss about S8050 VS 2N2222 transistor. As you know 2N2222 and S8050 both are well known transistors and widely used in commercial equipment and appliances. Because of their good reliability, easy availability and low cost these transistors are also widely used by electronics students, tinkerers, engineers and hobbyists. Moreover, you will also find many circuits on internet and also in electronics books that use these transistors. In this post you will find difference between these two transistors, their comparisons, and using them instead of each other. At last we will also answer some frequently asked questions. Note:  2N2222 transistor is available in plastic (TO-92), Metal, and also in SMD packages but in this article, we are comparing the plastic (TO-92) version of this transistor.




S8050 VS 2N2222 Pin Difference

The pin configurations of both the transistors are identical. The first pin is “Emitter”, second is “Base” and the third is “Collector”. So you don’t have to change anything regarding to pins when replacing the in a circuit and you can put them in the place of each other.


Ratings & Characteristics Comparison:

Ratings & Characteristics S80502N2222
Collector-Emitter Voltage (Vceo)25V40V
Collector Current (Ic)1500mA600mA
Total Device Dissipation (PD)1000mW 625mW
DC Current Gain (hFE)85 To 30030 To 300
Frequency (fT)100 MHz300 MHz


Can We Use 2N2222 Instead of S8050

To understand this first we have to check and compare their ratings and characteristics. As you can see in the ratings and characteristics chart above, the 2N2222 collector-emitter voltage is 40V, collector current is 600mA, total device dissipation is 625mW, DC current gain is 30 to 300 and transition frequency is 300MHz. While the S8050 collector-emitter voltage is 25V, collector current is 1500mA, total device dissipation is 1000mW, DC current gain is 85 to 300 and transition frequency is 100MHz.

If you want replace it in an amplification circuit then there will not be an issue and you can replace them without any hassle. But if you are replacing it in a switching circuit then we should find out that how much load or current S8050 is driving in that circuit. This can be determined by using a digital mulitimeter on ampere settings and connected between the transistor and the load. You will also find many tutorials on YouTube on how to check amperes. Another way to find out that is to check what type of component this transistor is driving whether it is a relay, LED or any other component and check its datasheet that how much current this component requires. So if the load is less then 600mA which is the maximum collector current of 2N2222 then you can easily use it instead of S8050 but if the load is higher than 600mA then you cannot use 2N2222 instead of S8050.


Can We Use S8050 Instead of 2N2222

Again in this case we will see the above ratings and characteristics chart now in this situation if the 2N2222 transistor is working as an amplifier then we can easily replace it with S8050 without any hassle. Similarly when it is used as a switch because the collector current of S8050 is 1500mA which is larger than 2N2222 collector current so you can easily replace it with S8050 but in some conditions we cannot use S8050 in the place of 2N2222 such as when the load voltage is above 25V because S8050 collector-emitter voltage is 25V. But mostly these transistors are used in under 24V circuits such as in 3V,  5V,  6V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 18V, 24V so there will not problem.



Finally, we understood that S8050 and 2N2222 both the transistors have different collector to emitter and collector current ratings which we can look mainly when the transistor is used as a switch. But if you are replacing them in an amplifier circuit then you can use them interchangeably without any problem and they are pin to pin replacement of each other because pin configuration of both are same.



Can we use BC547 instead of S8050?

Yes but only in amplification circuits but when it comes to switching circuits or load driving circuits you have to check how much load the S8050 transistor is driving. If that load is above 100mA then you cannot use BC547 because the BC547 has collector current of 100mA.


What is S8050 transistor used for?

S8050 is a NPN BJT transistor, it can be used in wide variety of general purpose switching and amplification circuits.


What is a replacement for an S8050 transistor?

There are many replacements of S8050 transistor, for example, SS9013, for more info on that please visit our S8050 page.


Which transistor is equivalent of 2N2222?

There are several equivalents of 2N2222 such as 2N1613, 2N2218 etc.  For further details on that visit 2N2222 page.

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