BC337 VS 2N2222 Difference Explanation

Today we are going to compare BC337 vs 2N2222 transistor. Both are general purpose and quite popular transistors. Both transistors are available in TO-92 package but 2N2222 is also available in TO-18 but in this post, we are going to talk about the plastic package of 2N2222. In this post you will find 2N2222 pin differences, ratings, characteristics caparisons, can we use them interchangeably, and other useful information. Moreover, in the end, you will also find answers to some frequently asked questions.


BC337 VS 2N2222



BC337 VS 2N2222 Pin Difference

The pin comparison image above shows that both the transistors look same as we see them physically because both the TO-92 but as the pin configurations are different. The BC337 transistor’s first pin is Collector, second is Base and third is Emitter while the 2N2222 first pin is Emitter, second is Base and third is Collector.


Ratings & Characteristics Comparison:

Ratings & Characteristics BC3372N2222
Collector-Emitter Voltage (Vceo)45V40V
Collector Current (Ic)800mA600mA
Total Device Dissipation (PD)625mW 625mW
DC Current Gain (hFE)100 To 63030 To 300
Frequency (fT)100 MHz300 MHz


Can We Use BC337 Instead of 2N2222

In the above ratings and characteristics table, we can see that both the transistors have not much difference instead of the collector current. Moreover, the other rating such as collector to emitter voltage is also an important factor to consider but the difference of 5V to 10V is not a problem if your load is under 40V anyway mostly these transistors are used in circuits that work under or upto 24V. Looking at the other specs the maximum transition frequency or (fT) of both the transistors, the 2N2222 transition frequency is 300MHz and BC337 (fT) is 100MHz again it is not a big issue unless you are using it in a RF circuit which is working above 100MHz. The DC current gain of BC337 is 100 to 630 and 2N2222 is 35 to 300 which doesn’t make a big difference.  The other factor we have to check is the collector current of the transistors (Which is important to check when the transistor is used as a switch). The BC337 collector current is 800mA while the 2N2222 collector current is 600mA. So the BC337 has more collector current than 2N2222 due to which it can easily use in place of 2N2222.

By looking at the above specs we can say that you can easily replace BC337 with 2N2222 in almost any condition whether it is used as an amplifier or as a switch.


Can We Use 2N2222 Instead of BC337

As discussed above there is not much difference between 2N2222 and BC337 when it is used in amplifier so you can easily use them interchangeably. But when used as a switch then 2N2222 has less collector current than BC337 so you cannot directly replace them in some conditions for example if BC337 is driving load of more than 600mA because the 2N2222 has the absolute maximum load limit is 600mA. So before replacing 2N2222 with BC337 first we must check the output load/current it is driving. If the load/current is under 600mA then you can easily replace them.  There are some procedures by which you can check that, one of them is by using a multimeter on ampere settings and placing it between the load and the transistor, you will also find many videos to check the load current on YouTube. The other way is to check what component the transistor is driving whether it is an LED, relay, or any other component, and check their datasheet. If it is driving a single or few simple LEDs or a relay or any other small current component then it can easily be replaced with 2N2222.



So we have come to the conclusion that you can use BC337 instead of 2N2222 in almost any condition because it has higher collector current and the other characteristics also has not much difference only if you are using it in higher frequency circuits above 100MHz then you should consider using same frequency transistor as the 2N2222. On the other hand you cannot use 2N2222 instead of BC337 only in switching condition when BC337 is driving higher than 600mA load.



Can I use 2N3904 instead of 2N2222?

We have already answered this question in our post you can check by visiting our 2N2222 transistor page.


Can we use BC547 instead of 2N2222 in Tesla Coil?

Yes you can use a BC547 transistor instead of 2N2222 in your tesla coil circuit.


What can I use instead of 2N2222?

There are several transistor which you can use instead of 2N2222 for example 2N2218, 2N2219 etc. For further details visit the 2N2222 page.


What can I use instead of BC337?

There are several transistors that can be used instead of BC337 such as BC338, 2N7051 etc. For more detail on that visit the BC337 page.

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